Madagascar an other choice for textile manufacturing

In the very heart of the Indian Ocean, Madagascar has developed a dynamic textile sector which offers a complete panel of savoir-faire.

This sector is composed of various middle sized firms dealing mainly with middle and top of the range products. ARAWAK and DEMAD are the most representative of this sector.

These firms are mainly French-speaking, but English is the third official language of the country and is widely spoken. Therefore communication is very easy. Moreover, the time difference between the country and Europe ( one or two hours) enables the decision makers to react quickly.

Madagascar is well known for its craftsmen’s ability and meticulousness. This savoir-faire is also shared by all the employees of this sector. It enables to reach high quality standard (handmade and mechanic embroidery, serigraphy, smocked garments). The strength of Madagascar textile companies is made possible thanks to the employees ability. Moreover, the legal environment as well as processes RSE guarantee a total respect of the employees’ rights.

Another positive aspect is the easy access to accessories and raw materials thanks to a very developed «coton» network in the country as well as in an international level. Therefore, your requests are always satisfied. Besides, the air and sea route are very well developed (map link), and the supplies as well as the dispatches are widely secured which guarantees the deadlines.

Another key point for our customers is the total confidentiality of the models you ask us to produce, meaning no risk of counterfeit.

At the heart of this environment, the companies ARAWAK and DEMAD specialized in womenswear and childrenswear bring into play a well known savoir-faire, leading to a high quality manufacturing, always keeping in mind a perfect social policy.

At last, when visiting us, you won’t resist the beauty of Madagascar


As part of its unceasing pursuit of raw materials mastery and with the aim of meeting its customers Quality requirements, the DECANT GROUP equipped its Quality department with a fiber strength tester (dynamometer) in order to test and guarantee the required resistance standards.


ARAWAK improves its canteen service by hiring a catering service that serves varied and balanced meals to the entire staff.


With the aim of answering the increasing demands of the market, the Demad company engaged an approach of stake in conformity and obtained the ORGANIC EXCHANGE CERTIFICATE.


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